"A technician sees a bug and fixes it. An artist sees a bug and explores it."

    Using emerging technologies Karel Bata creates immersive artworks that take
    the viewer in new and unexpected directions.

    Karel pioneered projection-mapping, creating Europe's first installation using
    Super-8 film, mirrors, motors, and Meccano! He has since worked extensively
    in theatre, film, photography, and computer-generated imagery. For his MA
    in Stereo 3D he created a series of immersive virtual spaces using lasers and
    projection-mapping that visitors would physically enter and become a part of.

    He is currently working on a version of Macbeth that focuses on the witches
    and puts the audience inside a Stereo 3D projected environment.

The Tree That Blinked
  Karel Bata - The Tree That Blinked

Projection Mapping installation exhibited at Gallery 286, London 2012, 2013 and 2016, and Canary Wharf Winter Lights festival 2014.



  Memories Can't Wait      
  Karel Bata - Memories Can't Wait

Using the 'Disinhibitor' this installation used lasers, mirrors, and diffraction gratings to create a truly immersive 3D experience. Shown at The TV Studio, London 2013, and Shoreditch Digital 2015.



  Out of Darkness        
  Karel Bata - Out of Darkness

Projection mapping installation shown at Phoenix Gallery, Brighton 2015, Gallery 286, London 2016, Burning Man's London Decompressed, 2016, and at several private viewings.


  Seen and Not Seen        
  Karel Bata - Seen and Not Seen pic

Projection Mapping installation exploring the slippery nature of identity. First shown at Studio 308, London in September 2013





  The Seduction        
  Karel Bata - The Seduction

A man tries his luck with the barmaid...

Stereo 3D film featuring a shot where the camera travels continuosly through a series of 16 mirrors. Funded by Kickstarter.



  The Mracle        
  Karel Bata - The Miracle

An angel watches over us...

Ambitious 3D HDR film with extensive use of tone-mapping, and time-lapse.




  3D Tango        
  Karel Bata - Later, in the Restaurant...

In a restaurant, a couple share an intimate moment...

A high-speed 3D short shot at 1000, 750, and 500fps using Olympus
I-Speed cameras.

Screened at 20 film festivals.
Password = QQQ



  3D Tango        
  Karel Bata - 3D Tango

A homage to experimental film-maker Zbigniew Rybczyński. It takes the conceit behind his classic short Tango, where an impossible number of people enter and exit a room, and pushes it into a third dimesion.

Currently doing the circuit of international film festivals.

Password: QQQ


  15 spacerJohnny's Liver        
  Karel Bata - Johnny's Liver

A 35mm short. telling the cautionary tale of a boy, his dog, and somebody's liver...



  15 spacerSphere      
  Karel Bata - Sphere

'Sphere' was created using Particular, an After Effects plug-in.

Particular is not designed for Stereo3D, and this was an experiment to see how well it could be made to work.

Very well, it turned out.


  15 spacerKarel Bata - Rains

Test shoot for the Hurricane 3D Rig that grew into a music video which has since screened at 16 film festivals.


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  15 spacerWOTWStxt      
  15 spacerKarel Bata - Walk On The Wild Side

Created for Karel's Music Production BA at South Thames College.

2 million YouTube hits.

Best watched full-screen for full impact.


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  15 spacersidtxt      
  15 spacerKarel Bata - Sid Vicious Auditions For X Factor

Sid Vicious loses his cool, and Simon Cowell loses his head...


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Karel Bata is director of the London 3D Film Festival


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  15 spacerKarel Bata - Zaxis

The Z Axis is a networking organisation for those working professionally in Stereo 3D.

We have 300 members, and every month guest speakers present their work and talk about various aspects of Stereo 3D. There is always much lively debate.

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  15 spacerYTlogo15 spacer15 spacerLink Clips from some of the 200 TV adverts, music videos, and features on which Karel has crewed.    
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